Omamori Himari - 99: Kendo Girl Noihara Himari

Title:Omamori Himari
Episode:99: Kendo Girl Noihara Himari
Noihara Himari, who describes herself only as "a cute cat", has been sent to serve as bodyguard to Yuuto Amakawa. Yuuto had no idea that he was the descendant of a famous Ayakashi slayer, or that present-day Ayakashi still held a grudge against him. The tough, loyal, and quick-thinking Himari carries her Yasutsuna (sword) at all times but will only use it upon Ayakashi--which is a little strange, considering that she is one herself. "Master, I'm your shadow. At times your sword, at times your shield. I'll protect you from all bad things that will come".

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