Toradora! - 6: True Self

Episode:6: True Self
Ami takes refuge in Taiga's apartment in order to avoid a stalker but is forced to impersonate people in strange situations. Yūsaku asks Taiga and Ryūji to be better friends with Ami since they know what type of person she really is. Taiga volunteers herself and Ryūji to take part in the student council's monthly neighborhood cleaning rally, and Minori and Ami come along too. After Taiga and Minori leave together, Ami and Ryūji hide from the stalker. When the stalker tries to take photos of Taiga, she gets angry...
[Devil Doll, 2010-08-17]
The evening of Ami impersonating various people at Taiga's location isn't actually part of the anime, Ami just tells Ryūji why she's so tired when they meet at school the next day.
But this scene has actually been animated: The visual novel of Toradora for PSP ships with a extra teaser episode summing up highlights of the anime series (almost spoiler-free though, i. e. not covering the last third of the series and none of the brawls) in 27 minutes. The final 3 minutes of this teaser episode shows Ami doing these impersonations.

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