Toradora! - 15: The Stars are Far

Episode:15: The Stars are Far
Yūsaku declares to the class that he does not want to be student council president and flips out in the middle of class. He shows up to school the next day with his hair dyed blonde. While everyone tries to figure out what is wrong with him, Ryūji walks home with Minori; they have a conversation about Ami's odd reaction towards Yūsaku's behavior. When Ryūji arrives home, he is surprised to find Yūsaku there. At school, Taiga is competing to be the next student council president.
[Devil Doll, 2010-08-07:]
When Minori and Ryuuji walk to Yuusaku's house, at the end of their conversation Yuusaku tells Minori she's "kind" (優しい). Surprisingly, Minori disagrees vehemently, calling herself "greedy" and "dishonest" (狡い)... a warning for things to come soon. (Some fansub translated "tsurui" as "sly" instead.)

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