To Heart 2 OVA - 2: Summer of the liveliest sea

Title:To Heart 2 OVA
Episode:2: Summer of the liveliest sea
Takaaki, Yuusuke and all the girls make a visit to the beach - and Takaaki invites Komaki Ikuno (class-rep Manaka's sickly younger sister) to tag along. As the girl suspects Takaaki to be Manaka's boyfriend she hesitatingly accepts, intending to act as guardian for her precious sister - but learning more about those weird characters she soon changes her attitude...
[2008-03-18, Devil Doll:]
Way more than bathing suits and nude skin, this is wonderful meta-humor and a shy little romance, on par with the best episodes of Ichigo 100% TV and almost without fan-service.

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