Cowboy Bebop - 9: Jamming With Edward

Title:Cowboy Bebop
Episode:9: Jamming With Edward
An old satellite over earth draws images into the ground like those in currently in the southwestern part of the US. Since it is assumed the satalite was hacked, a bounty is put on the head of whomever did it.

With the help of a young female hacker named Radical Edward, the Bebop's crew learn the culprit is actually the AI on board the satellite. In the process of helping them, Ed gets Faye to promise to do something for her -- take her aboard something Faye has no plans of doing. Fortunately, Ed has aces up her sleave!
(AstroNerdBoy comments)

This episode introduces us to the final character to be added to the Bebop crew. As to the episode itself, we are treated to new information on what happened to Earth.

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