Cowboy Bebop - 8: Waltz for Venus

Title:Cowboy Bebop
Episode:8: Waltz for Venus
Spike a Faye foil a hijacking attempt on a passanger ship and actually manage to collect a bounty. After Faye gets her cut, she's off to the casino while runs into a young man named Roco who is desperate for Spike to train him (having seen what he did to the hijackers). Spike is naturally not enthused by this idea.

Roco gives Spike a package which is a rare plant which cures a rare disease on Venus and is worth a fortune. It also turns out that Roco has a little bounty on his head, so Spike heads out to the desert to find Roco's sister. It is here that Spike learns why Roco had the stolen plant -- his sister has that rare disease! Going back for his scheduled meeting with Roco, Spike finds more than he bargained for when they are ambushed.
This was a really good episode. Spike shows he has a heart and while good things happen in this episode, not everything goes well for various characters. The richness and depth of Spike's character is very good!

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