Cowboy Bebop - 4: Gateway Shuffle

Title:Cowboy Bebop
Episode:4: Gateway Shuffle
When the terrorist group "Space Warriors" kill the man Spike and Jet were going to nab for his bounty, they take the group's leader instead after learning she has an even bigger bounty.

Meanwhile, Faye is adrift in space along a well-traveled area in orbit of a planet. They nab her to find out what she did with their money from episode 3. She lost it gambling! Before they can do anything else, they discover that the bounty on the terrorist leader has been canceled. Forced to free this old lady, she decides to unleash a virus on a planet that will turn them into apes. This causes said planet to put her bounty back on! However, if Spike plans to collect, he will have to save the planet. Together with the just-escaped Faye, they attempt to do just that.
This was another good episode. Our boys Spike and Jet are going to have to learn to keep Faye under better wraps if they want to keep her locked up. However, at the end of the episode, it appears she has moved into thier ship permanently! :-D Fun times ahead!

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