Cowboy Bebop - 3: Honky Tonk Woman

Title:Cowboy Bebop
Episode:3: Honky Tonk Woman
Spike and Jet stop by a casino in space to do a little gambling in the hopes of boosting their cash reserves. Spike meets the lovely Faye Valintine who's working the blackjack table to pay off her enormous debts. A player is supposed to come, lose all of his money, then tip her a final chip which she will give to the casino owner. Sadly, she mistakes Spike for that player and after he loses all of his money, he doesn't give her his final chip. Upon leaving the table, Spike bumps into the real guy and both drop a chip -- Spike picks up the other man's chip.

Faye soon falls into Spike and Jet's hands where they learn she has a bounty. More importantly, they learn that the casino chip is actually much, much more and work a ton! But in true bad guy fashion, they are double crossed by the casino owner, the chip is destroyed, and Faye escapes with their cash!
(Comments by AstroNerdBoy)

The first two episodes were OK. This one was really good and shows why this show gets such high raves. Faye is like Fujiko in "Lupin III" -- beautiful but not to be trusted! Her addition to the cast is a welcome event and fortunately we'll get to see more of her!

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