Cowboy Bebop - 2: Stray Dog Strut

Title:Cowboy Bebop
Episode:2: Stray Dog Strut
In this episode, Spike and Jet head to Mars on the trail of a serial pet thief worth a hefty 8 million woolongs. Spike would like to use this bounty to buy a little Peking Duck for lunch, but by the end of this ep, he ends up with an animal of a different kind...
What? A new character? Cool. This ep is a good way to follow up the relative seriousness of the last one. Very light-hearted and fun.

(Comments from AstroNerdBoy)

The more light-hearted nature of this episode made it more interesting to me. In addition, I was better prepared for what the series was about which also helped. Who can not love a mutt? :-D

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