Cowboy Bebop - 15: My Funny Valentine

Title:Cowboy Bebop
Episode:15: My Funny Valentine
Ein somehow manages to remind Faye of a man she once knew named Witney. When she awoke from cryo-stasis a few years ago, he was her legal counsel against the debt collectors. She couldn't remember her life before being frozen but now that she's awake again, she now owes a ton of money for the proceedure. When Witney dies to protect her, she inherits his assets -- all debts!

Jet comes in with a new bounty -- Witney. Witney preys on women for their money and while he's gained a lot of weight, Faye recognizes him immediately.

Faye tries to get information on her past out of Witney, but saddly, he knows nothing. What little he told her before had been made up as part of the con. No one knew who she was since records about her were destroyed or lost in the gate accident.
(AstroNerdBoy comments)

This is a neat Faye episode. Learning that she was in cryo for 50 (or so) years was very interesting. Why would a 20-year old just out of cryo who knows nothing about her past decide to be a bounty hunter? The episode doesn't answer questions -- it only raises them. Hopefully future episodes will tell more.

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