Cowboy Bebop - 12: Jupiter Jazz (part 1)

Title:Cowboy Bebop
Episode:12: Jupiter Jazz (part 1)
Faye has emptied the Bebop's coffers and vanished. Ed is given the task of helping track her down when she comes across the name Julia. This has Spike set off to Callisto (one of Jupiter's moons) where apparently there are no women. This leaves Jet to find Faye.

Faye for her part is at a bar on Callisto and meets up with a sax jazz player. She goes to his house and later discovers "he's" not what he seems.

Meanwhile, Spike is attacked by a mob who thinks he is Vicious. The real Vicious soon appears with another man from Spikes past -- Lin. In confronting the pair, Spike soon finds himself shot by Lin.
This is another episode building on Spike's character. We learn a bit more of his past. The episode is intruiging and passed very quickly. The only thing that seemed a bit forced (and this was only on reflection of the episode) was the method of getting Spike and Jet to Callisto and thus set up the confrontation between Spike and Vicious. However, this was just a minor thing.

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