Cowboy Bebop - 1: Asteroid Blues

Title:Cowboy Bebop
Episode:1: Asteroid Blues
Bounty hunters Spike Speigel and Jet Black scour the solar system in their ship, the Bebop, in search of thieves, murderers, drug dealers, crime bosses, and most importantly, something to eat. This time, the call comes from the space colony Tijuana where Asimov Solensen, a renegade member of a drug syndicate, has been spotted with his woman and a shipment of stolen narcotic eye drops.
Good episode. Starts the series out on a dramatic tone, but not overly melodramatic. Plus, Spike gets to show off his wicked kung-fu skillz right from the get-go! Check the pic: ouch!

(Comments from AstroNerdBoy)

I mostly agree with the above comments except that I found the episode "ungripping". I didn't develop any feeling for Spike or Jet and I couldn't understand the hype based on this one episode. Fortunately, I hung around though. ;-)

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