Ookami to Koushinryou - 13: "Wolf and a New Beginning" ("Ōkami to Arata na Tabidachi" 狼と新たな旅立ち)

Title:Ookami to Koushinryou
Episode:13: "Wolf and a New Beginning" ("Ōkami to Arata na Tabidachi" 狼と新たな旅立ち)
Lawrence burns the ropes binding him and reunites with Holo. She refuses to tell him what she did to placate the wolves' wrath, and then chides him again for being too nice and protecting her clothes instead of running away on his own. After being told of Liebert's betrayal, Holo transforms into her true form...
[2011-02-27, Devil Doll]
We've learned early that transforming Horo's form always costs a price, be that blood or wheat; at the end of the first arc Horo even had to bite Lawrence for this purpose, explicitly asking him to endure it.
But during episode 12 and 13 Horo needs several transformation and suddenly can perform them on a whim and without any preconditions...?

[2020-02-06, Ggultra2764]
It isn't necessarily a plot hole. The compensation that Horo typically requires to transform is either eating some wheat or drinking fresh blood. In this instance, she used some of the wheat in the pouch she wears around her neck to initiate the transformation. She never transforms in episode 12 as she confronted the pack of wolves in her human form and it was implied that she prostrated herself to them in order to allow her human companions safe passage through their territory.

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