Video Girl Ai - 3: The commemorative day when Ai had a date wearing the dress that Youta gave her

Title:Video Girl Ai
Episode:3: The commemorative day when Ai had a date wearing the dress that Youta gave her
This is a complete narration of the episode and contains SPOILERS! So be sure you really want to read this...

Ai is looking forward to this special sunday ... meanwhile Youta wonders why his VCR is running so hot: Could something be wrong with it?

Starting their date, Youta intends to watch a movie together - not quite what a video girl would like to do, he learns ... after having paid the tickets already! Now Ai teaches Youta he must take the girl to a place she likes ...

So they play bowling, and both behave in a way that they are thrown out of the building. Ai feels a slight fever ...

Next station: A gaming hall. Youta is unnerved; Ai invests all of his cash into dozens of animal toys, not even sparing the money for the way back. Youta is angry about that, but Ai has a plan ...

Having 'converted' the dolls into a surprisingly large sum of cash, they have a coffee break next. But just when the mood relaxes, Ai sees Moemi walking by the window! She tries to draw Youta's attention away (after all, this is her date!), but when he finds out, he gets really mad. Ai hands over the money to him and tells him to have a nice day with Moemi. But the girl is already out of sight ... right at this moment, the VCR at home overheats, and Ai falls to the ground!

Youta carries Ai through the streets on his back, unaware of what actually happened. The falling snowflakes cool her down, and she regains consciousness. She tries to save the day and hides her true condition; but Youta now mistakes that for being tricked (he really worried about her) and is so pissed off that he quits the date and walks away! Ai is left behind, and the VCR is still overheating ...

Very angry, Youta goes watching the movie he already bought the tickets for, and when he meets Takashi he drags him along by force. They both are surprised when Moemi arrives and takes the seat next to them! The movie's story is about hiding one's true love ... Youta recognizes that Moemi only looks at Takashi, and retreats with an excuse. Alone outside he watches a technician inspecting an overheated VCR - and suddenly understands what happened to Ai before! Such a stupid, brave girl ... how can he find her now?

When they finally run into each other, a snowball fight makes for a happy ending of this special day.
Devil Doll (2003-07-27):
Now the "video girl" aspect comes into play, which will become more important in the final episodes. Meanwhile, Takashi and Moemi start getting closer. And Ai and Youta begin to recognize they care about each other - which wasn't the original plan after all.

Not a single ecchi shot this time, only some annoying scenes (during the bowling play). The quality of the show improves along with the storyline development.

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