Video Girl Ai - 2: Present

Title:Video Girl Ai
Episode:2: Present
This is a complete narration of the episode and contains SPOILERS! So be sure you really want to read this...

The episode starts with the same sequence as the first one - only that now Moemi is the video girl but then turns into a monster ... when Youta awakes from his nightmare, Ai's panty in his bed tells him that she was not a dream.

Ai's 'teasing' breakfast shows her cooking has improved; but when she complains to restore her breasts that she lost because of the broken VCR, poor Youta has some unpleasant scene to endure. Back to the breakfast, Ai wonders how Youta can only think of Moemi's problems, but notes that as his second good trait.

At school, Takashi tries to cheer up Youta and make him go for Moemi. When Ai arrives at school and is mistaken for his girlfriend (what a surprise to his class mates!) Youta has to introduce her as his younger sister.

Moemi then tells Youta that he had really cheered her up the day before and she will now try and go for Takashi - and rely on him as confidant, backing her up! Not quite what Youta was dreaming of, but he will be loyal to his beloved girl. Ai interferes, envious about Moemi's breasts, but the girl takes this annoying scene surprisingly calm. After Moemi left, now Ai cheers up Youta - after all, Moemi does like Youta, just not enough. Youta knows he is stupid to help Moemi get another guy, but Ai rates that as his third good trait ...

While Youta goes shopping, Ai cooks a delicious dinner for Youta, cutting her fingers several times with the kitchen knife. But as a surprise, Youta returns and brings a guest: Moemi, who helped him shopping this day and promised to cook for him tonight, to thank him for his support! Ai does the brave thing and hides her dinner (as not to spoil this unique opportunity for Youta); while waiting with Moemi in his room for the kitchen to be "cleaned up" by Ai, Youta has quite some problems to hide two things from her: Moemi's photograph on his table, and Ai's panty on his bed ...

Moemi's cooking provides a great dinner for all three. In the end Youta asks Ai to bring Moemi home, as he has eaten to much ... such a baka, Ai complains loudly. But on their way, Moemi defends Youta and praises his support for her: "I wish I had fallen in love with him ..."

When Ai returns, she finds Youta eating the last bits of the dinner she had made for him! (He noticed her bandaged fingers.) And when Youta asks Ai to wear the marvellous dress he bought for her today, she hugs him and nearly starts to weep ...

The VCR shows 24 days of remaining playing time.
Devil Doll (2003-07-27):
Now the triangle is set: Takashi and Ai support Youta, but Youta supports Moemi. Ai shows first signs of jealousy, which will make her task of bringing Youta and Moemi together difficult. But all relations develop nicely and in parallel ... actually, none of these four is quite sure what to do next.

Two ecchi scenes this time, both about Ai and her breasts ... and the scene with Moemi on Youta's bed was breathtaking (at least for Youta ;-). But the more storyline development we have, the less need for fan service ...

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