Shin Seiki Evangelion - 9: Timeflash, Unite The Mind!

Title:Shin Seiki Evangelion
Episode:9: Timeflash, Unite The Mind!
Asuka proves to be extremely popular at Shinji's school, to which she has transferred. The only person unaffected (and unimpressed) by fiery Asuka seems to be Rei. When another Angel alert is sounded, Asuka proves to be a poor team player and tries to show off her prowess. She splits the Angel in halves that instantly become two perfectly coordinated monsters that quickly dispatch the two EVAs. After this incident, it becomes evident that the only hope to beat this Angel will be perfect coordination between the two pilots. Misato takes charge of retraining them, and after a few weeks they display a rather awesome teamwork...

(Synopsis courtesy of Protoculture Addicts magazine)
I liked this episode for being rather humorous, but not ludicrous like the last one. Apparently the conventional forces aren't completely useless after all, as they save the EVAs' asses by buying some time to prepare for the next round of combat. That reminds me:

-What is the "AT Field" which somehow renders the Angels virtually invulnerable to conventional weaponry? In the opening sequence the words "Absolute Terror" flash by, but that must be just a codeword, because how would "terror" deflect shells and rockets?

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