Shin Seiki Evangelion - 20: Form Of The Mind, Form Of The Man

Title:Shin Seiki Evangelion
Episode:20: Form Of The Mind, Form Of The Man
After EVA 01 goes berserk and both kills and devours an Angel, the "Committee" discusses the implications of 01 attaining an "S-2 Organ". NERV Central Command is in a shambles, with "Central Dogma" exposed; the staff will move to a backup command center. Rei is injured and Asuka cannot stand having been upstaged by Shinji. Shinji himself should be in the cockpit of Unit 01--but somehow he has vanished...
What's an "S-2 Organ/Unit"? In an earlier episode, an "experimental S-2 Unit from Germany" was mentioned. It sounded like some sort of substitute for all or part of an Eva/pilot team. Is it anything like a "dummy plug"? Did Unit 01 devour the Angel to acquire it?

"This is the truth behind a 400% sync ratio!" --Ritsuko

So, Shinji being dissolved and absorbed by the Eva makes possible a sync ratio four times greater than ought to be possible?

Ritsuko: (an Eva is)"a thing created by man in man's own image. I really can't describe it any other way". Misato: "You didn't create anything. You just copied something you found in the Antarctic. What was the original, that's what I want to know". Ritsuko: "This is not just a copy. A human will is inside it". Misato: "Are you saying somebody willed this to happen?" Ritsuko: "Yes. The Eva did".

So an Eva contains a human will. I think I already know who that will came from, the question is, how was it transferred to the Eva? One thing I'm still unclear on: did the Angels originate on another planet, or have they always been here on Earth?

Ritsuko: "Well, theoretically Shinji's life force still exists in there... All of the substances which composed Shinji are preserved in the plug, and his soul exists there as well".

When dealing with Evas and Angels, who can say what makes sense and what doesn't? I see why keywords like "surreal" and "spiritual" were used to describe this series.

"You hurt Toji and killed my mother!" --Shinji (to Gendo)

Shinji blames his father for his mother's death? Could this be a reference to the incident Ritsuko mentioned in which someone other than Shinji was "absorbed" (and the recovery attempt failed)?

"I already knew Eva! And then I ran away, leaving my mother and father behind!" --Shinji

"This is the smell of my mother" --Shinji

Has Shinji realized that his mother, Yui, has merged with Unit 01? Is he talking about a past "runaway" which seperated him from Gendo for most of his life?

(piloting an Eva is) "The justification for my continuing existence" --Shinji

"I've got to win, otherwise I'm nobody" --Shinji

"They respect this totally worthless being (himself)" --Shinji

Shinji seems to have a sort of love/hate relationship with the Eva. On one level he is disgusted by the tasks he's asked to accomplish, but he also relies on being successful for his self-esteem.

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