Shin Seiki Evangelion - 2: Unknown Ceiling

Title:Shin Seiki Evangelion
Episode:2: Unknown Ceiling
Shinji awakens in an unknown hospital room. He is taken in charge by Misato, one of NERV's highest ranking officers, who offers to let him stay at her place. Shinji discovers that she is quite special, as her refrigerator is full of beer, the apartment looks like the scene of a wild party, and she has a pet penguin! Gendo is lectured about potential wastage of money, and the "Human Enhancement Program" falling behind schedule. Later, as Shinji sleeps, he suddenly remembers what happened when he was in EVA-01's cockpit. He went berserk, and EVA-01, boosted by his fury, followed suit, destroying the Angel as if in a fit of rage. Then, Shinji saw the true face of his own damaged machine, a monster out of his worst nightmares...

(Synopsis courtesy of Protoculture Addicts magazine)
Gee, I thought I was on to something with Shinji possibly being a human-angel crossbreed, but I guess not. Anyway, a couple new questions:

6. What is the "Human Enhancement Program", which is described as "possibly the only real hope for the future of mankind"?

7. What exactly are the "Angels", and why do they have a grudge against the human race? (the article I've been reading in Protoculture Addicts #39 offers a fantastic explanation, but not the slightest hint of it has been presented in the first two episodes, so I'll keep it to myself for now. I did watch almost the entire series two or three years ago, and don't recall it ever being revealled back then, but my memory sucks)

I notice a good deal of cross-shaped imagery in both this episode and the first one.

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