Shin Seiki Evangelion - 16: Sickness Unto Death, And...

Title:Shin Seiki Evangelion
Episode:16: Sickness Unto Death, And...
A strange Angel, who uses it's "shadow" as a weapon, invades Neo-Tokyo #3 and the three Evas are sent to destroy it. Shinji is drawn into the shadow and Eva 01 finds itself prisoner in a kind of womb. He panics and starts to have hallucinations about his youth and his mother. After awhile Ritsuko decides that recovering the Eva is more important than saving Shinji, and orders a desperate and dangerous attempt to destroy the Angel...
Shinji's behavior beforehand, and one of his hallucinations ("What you fear are the Shinji Ikaris that exist in the minds of others") imply that he relies on the praise he recieves from others to make himself happy--needless to say, a dangerous and unwise (but all too common) way of thinking. He declares himself to be "worthless" at one point, a classic symptom of depression--things don't bode well for him. Asuka may have a similar problem, judging from her behavior and a comment made by Rei: "I wonder--do you only pilot an Eva for the praise of others?". Whatever the qualifications for being an Eva pilot turn out to be, emotional stability is certainly not one of them!

The ferocious behavior of Eva 01 is somewhat disconcerting to NERV personnel. Ritsuko makes the comment that "If Rei or Shinji were to learn about the Evas secrets, they'd never forgive us". Misato continues to suspect that something very important is being kept from her: "The 2nd Impact, Instrumentality Project, Adam--there's so many secrets that I'm in the dark about".

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