Shin Seiki Evangelion - 11: In Still Darkness

Title:Shin Seiki Evangelion
Episode:11: In Still Darkness
EVA-00 is now fully operational, a good thing since the Angels have renewed their attacks on the NERV base, this time with a spider-like monster that uses acid as its weapon. Mysteriously, the base has lost all electricity--probably not the Angel's doing--and to get to the EVAs the three young pilots must undertake a perilous journey within the now powerless base. Once in the hangar, Shinji is surprised to see his father work like a madman to prep the EVAs for battle. Can the three EVAs climb a huge vertical shaft and team up to destroy the Angel?

(Synopsis courtesy of Protoculture Addicts magazine)
Shinji finally asks one of the questions that have been eating us alive--namely, why are their opponents called "Angels", when that would make them "messengers from God"? But he doesn't get much of an answer, which was why I found this to be kind of a frustrating episode. "They attacked us!" Asuka explains. "Who knows what they think?". Clearly NERV knows how many Angels they will have to deal with, since this one is described as the eighth Angel, rather than an eighth Angel. If NERV is in control of the information that reaches the general public, why doesn't it refer to the enemy as "monsters" or "aliens"--or at least "demons"?

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