Shin Seiki Evangelion - 10: Magma Diver

Title:Shin Seiki Evangelion
Episode:10: Magma Diver
NERV has detected the presence of an Angel "egg" in the chimney of an active volcano and wants to retrieve it for studies. Asuka volunteers for the job, but is not very happy to discover that she and EVA-02 will have to wear a silly looking suit to counter the heat and high pressures inside the volcano. The egg is located somewhat deeper within the magma than expected, however, and the special suit is pushed to the breaking point. Asuka nearly succeeds in retrieving the egg, but the Angel awakens and attacks her...
For once NERV employs offensive tactics rather than remaining on the defensive--a switch which makes several high ranking persons uneasy. "Have you forgotten what happened 15 years ago?" one of them asks Gendo, implying that humans somehow provoked the original Angel, which blew up with fantastic power. If this event has been labeled the "Second Impact", what and when was the First Impact? Would that be when the Angel first landed in Antarctica, but without any particularly harmful effects?

If EVA-02 needed the special suit to survive within the magma, how was Shinji and his EVA able to enter it near the end? He didn't have any protection, did he, and didn't the fight take place at nearly the maximum depth? Of course, he has already survived being near a couple of nuclear blasts...

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