Chokotto Sister - 1: Episode One

Title:Chokotto Sister
Episode:1: Episode One
Being an only child, Haruma Kawagoe has adjusted to living alone away from his family, to be able to live close to his high school. And then on Christmas day, a Santa-Biker-Chick pulls up to his 2nd floor apartment window to deliver a special present. When Haruma opens the large bulky sack, he finds a sleeping girl. With a sparkle of magic, she awakens to introduce herself as Chokotto and calls him onii-chan (big-brother). Remembering a Christmas wish of some ten years ago when his mother miscarried, he wished “Please make my mother well again, and please give me a little sister." The Christmas Santa did not forget his wish and Haruma’s life suddenly changes.

Ok .. I can believe that every guy would like to have a cute younger sister to look after and run around with.... but the fan service and ‘pantsu’ shots are already giving this series a strong lolicon or siscon flavor.

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