Trigun - 6: Lost July

Episode:6: Lost July
Inepril City: Having defeated the notorious Nebraska Family and donated the reward money to the city, Vash is suddenly a hero in the town that had previously been out to get him. He is only too happy to be hired as a bodyguard by a beautiful woman who is being stalked by a strange masked assasin.
SPOILER: In this episode, Vash displays a sort of sixth sense as he realises that "something's coming" just before he's attacked. Somehow, by closing his eyes and lifting up his arms, he prevents a meltdown of a reactor (which is the product of some sort of forgotten technology). He admits that he may have had something to do with a catastrophe which devastated the city of July years ago, but says he has no memory of the event. Early in the episode, Meryl, who is annoyed by the antics of the man she and Milly must follow, comments "Why did it have to be him?". Near the end, Vash's patron makes the similar statement "Why did it have to be you?". Vash never seems to be what people expect.

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