Trigun - 5: Hard Puncher

Episode:5: Hard Puncher
In Inepril City, everybody is out to get Vash the Stampede, because the poverty-stricken town desperately needs the reward money. The town's Chairman decides to "fight fire with fire" and brings in the notorious "Nebraska Family" to hunt Vash down.
This is the episode in which Meryl realises that the dope in the red coat that she and Milly have been associating with really is Vash the Stampede after all--and that all the legends and rumors about him are completely different from the truth. The comment made by the father of the Nebraska Family that "nobody can survive what you've been through without hurting somebody" sums up why people hate and fear Vash as much as they do. Also, perhaps for the first time, the "insurance girls" get an up-close demonstration of Vash's incredible skill as a marksman.

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