Trigun - 24: Sin

Episode:24: Sin
Vash reveals to Meryl that Knives, the leader responsible for all the recent mayhem, is his brother, and declares that "As long as he's alive, I can never die honorably". Before he can do anything about Knives, however, he must face "Midvalley the Horn Freak" (the 11th Gung-Ho Gun) and an opponent so terrifyingly insane that he'll gladly sacrifice his own life to make Vash's a living hell.
Stretch 6/28/04:
This episode climaxes in an awesome way, as Vash runs out of options and is forced to make a choice he'd give anything to avoid. Though it's spread over several episodes, Trigun comes to a moving conclusion which rivals even Cowboy Bebop. Since I was paying closer attention than usual, I noticed that in this episode Legato reveals that he has had Vash's original left arm transplanted onto him, which somehow enables him to control both ordinary people's minds and Vash's "angel arm".

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