Trigun - 2: Truth of Mistake

Episode:2: Truth of Mistake
?There is something that cannot be expressed in words. Human emotion. Emotions of the heart cannot just be tucked away in a closet. There?s a way to know the emotions. Look into the eyes. The girl lied to me, and I believed her. The gentleman lied to me, when I trusted him. But the moment I looked into his eyes the angel of destiny began to unravel the truth. Just look into their eyes. There is only one truth.?

Truth of Mistake

This episode starts out with Merly and Milly coming up on a small city. They are both dehydrated and exhausted. The situation is not helped out by the fact that they have come upon a ghost town, and the town well is dry. But there is some good news. In the town there is one mansion, owned by a water dealer, how has just hired Vash the Stampede as a bodyguard. Merly and Milly (well Merly at least) see their chance, and head right for the mansion.

When they get there Merly is stunned when Vash opens the door. (Remember that Merly doesn't believe that he is the ?real? Vash the Stampede) They soon meet the owner of the mansion Mr. Cliff Schezar. As it turns out Mr. Cliff has been attacked over the past couple of days, and needs a good bodyguard. He puts an add in the paper for someone as good the Vash the Stampede. But Mr. Cliff also needs the protection for a guest. A young blond woman named Miss. Marianne, who is staying as a guest of a friend. However Mr. Cliff doesn?t believe that Vash is the ?real? Vash the Stampede either. When he hired him he just needed someone to fill the part of Vash, so that people would be scared off.

Back to Marianne. A cute blond spells only one thing. A one sided romance on the part of Vash, who has been flirting with Marianne since she showed up. The group has dinner where little questions come up over Mr. Cliff?s riches off selling water. The dinner is shortly stopped because Marianne quickly leaves the table, Vash of course shortly follows. He follows her to her room, and talks to her. To get rid of him she says that she sees something out the window. Vash being the brave man goes to investigate, but sadly finds out that it was only Merly and Milly.

Vash, Merly and Milly go back to the mansion, but find that no ones there. By dumb luck (falling) Vash finds I secret passageway underground. Meanwhile we find out that sweet little Marianne isn?t so sweet after all. She is an undercover marshal, who mission is to stop Mr. Cliff?s monopoly of the towns water. Her goes to arrest him by is hurt by a gun shot wound she got earlier. Just as it seems all over who comes to the rescue, But Vash the Stampede, the Humanoid Typhoon, the man with the $$60,000,000,000 bounty on his head. (Well not really a rescue, he falls down a water shoot.)

Vash gets out of the water soaked from head to toe. It?s now a stand off between Mr. Cliff and the man no one believes is Vash the Stampede. Mr. Cliff already has his gun out at takes one quick shot. Vash dodges the bullet. For a second it seems no says anything, until Vash screams like a child. Mr. Cliff continues to shoot, but Vash is jumping around to much for any of the bullets to hit him. In the fight the machine that works the water is hit and an electrical charge blows the place sky high.

In the end Marianne arrests Mr. Cliff, and Merly still doesn?t believe that the man who saved them is the real Vash the Stampede. Meanwhile the real Vash the Stampede walks away in to the sunset.
Dr.Yoshi- At first I was so, so on the episode. The first half is a little slow, but the second half is great. The funniest parts of the episode are between Vash and Marianne. In the first episode Vash is commented to be the worst kind of womanizer and in this episode it shows. But it's not all fun and games. When Vash fights Mr. Cliff we are shown that there is more to Vash then we know. It's also become a thing to find the small black cat in each episode. So all you fans look out for that cat.

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