Trigun - 13: Vash The Stampede

Episode:13: Vash The Stampede
Meryl writes an extensive report detailing the experiences she and Milly have gone through with Vash, and the observations she has made. Although it contains some new material, this episode consists largely of flashbacks to previous ones.
Stretch 6/11/04:
Meryl asks "Why is it that so much trouble falls into this man's lap?". At the halfway point through the series, it's clear that Vash is not directly responsible for the massive destruction that has been attributed to him, but somehow he seems to be a magnet that attracts it. Is it just incredibly bad luck, or is some sort of conspiracy at work here? The insurance girls make one new discovery: Vash's body is absolutely riddled with scars. Meryl comments "So those scars are the price you've paid for dealing with your opponents without killing them?". Could any ordinary human being survive so much punishment?

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