Trigun - 12: Diablo

Episode:12: Diablo
Vash is enjoying the beautiful blue sky in yet another town when he is suddenly contacted by a terrifying psychic, who warns him that he doesn't have long to live.
A turning point episode, for several reasons:
1. we are introduced to Legato Bluesummers.
2. Although his name isn't mentioned at this point, the thought occurs to Vash that Knives may be responsible for this new batch of assasins that are stalking him.
3. The Gung-Ho Guns make their first appearance in the person of "Monev the Gale".
4. Innocent bystanders are slaughtered wholesale.
5. Vash reaches a terrifying level of rage which we have never scene before, and at one point declares his intent to kill Monev--and he's quite serious, unlike the last episode.
6. Vash reveals the machine gun hidden within his artificial left arm (this must have been what saved him from the robots in episode 9).

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