Trigun - 11: Escape From Pain

Episode:11: Escape From Pain
While travelling with a ragtag caravan across the badlands, Wolfwood and Milly are drawn into helping two runaway teenagers, Julius and Moore. Meanwhile, Vash is hired to recover Julius--and kill Moore.
Stretch 6/9/04:
Not one of the best Trigun episodes, for several reasons. I thought Wolfwood was acting like a jerk as he lectured the kids about how it was wrong to run away, because people would die as a result (why?), and it would be better if Julius would continue to support the white slavery operation his adopted father was running. Also, people seemed to be making a lot of 180 degree changes of mind for little or no reason. Meryl instantly forgets everything she has observed about Vash and completely believes him when he says he is going to kill Moore ("You're nothing but a despicable outlaw!"). At the end Julius' father seems to forget that he was willing to pay Vash $$20 million to recover him, and just says "you're free to go". Much too convenient. Still the surprise ending was good, as was Wolfwood's reaction to it. On a side note, was the voice actor who played Moore the same one who does Sasami in dubbed "Tenchi Muyo!" ?

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