Mai-Otome Specials - 7: In Aswald's Village ~Midori and Her Merry Friends~

Title:Mai-Otome Specials
Episode:7: In Aswald's Village ~Midori and Her Merry Friends~
As Arika lies unconscious, Princess Mashiro's pet cat Mikoto attempts to defend her from Midori and her hulking comrades--who have no idea what message the cat is trying to send them, and argue over the correct interpretation. They also do not realize what a dangerous opponent the cat can be...
The cat's name is Mikoto? Well, we do know that it has a special relationship with Mikoto from Mai-HiME (see Special #1). The best gag came when Midori picks a fight with Mikoto. I'm glad to see that Mai-Otome Specials are still in production; Mai-HiME wound up with at least twenty of them.

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