Mai-Otome Specials - 4: Shiho Spirals

Title:Mai-Otome Specials
Episode:4: Shiho Spirals
Shiho resents being chosen to watch over the campsite while the others enjoy the beach nearby, and uses her turning device to summon a tsunami to spoil their fun. The one person she would most like to hurt is Arika, who is out hiking with Erstin. Shiho's grandmother is watching, and worries that "Those who overturn will end up turning themselves"...
I still don't have a clue what this "turning" device is. Shiho was a fairly important character in Mai-HiME, but has been degraded to a silly comedy backup character in Mai-Otome. It's sort of fun seeing familiar characters recast into different roles--I wish a few other popular series would try to do the same.

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