PaniPoni Dash! - 9: An Eight Year Old Sage Beats A Hundred Year Old Brain

Title:PaniPoni Dash!
Episode:9: An Eight Year Old Sage Beats A Hundred Year Old Brain
"Upon recieving a call from my archaeology professor, my mentor at college" Becky explains, "I immediately decided to help out an excavation project". A strange girl named Media, the professor's assistant, meets Becky's boat at sea in an unconventional manner. On remote Okinodoku island, at the spot which marks the island's only trace of modern civilization, Becky finds that the professor has invited the girls of her class to come as well. Also present was Mesousa--until he was abducted. "This island is sort of an unknown land" Media explains, "making it a natural habitat for a lot of rare organisms". After recovering Mesousa (sort of), and making a quick diversion to a foreign country, the group meets the professor in his cave laboratory. The girls would like to know what Becky was like as a student at MIT, which thoroughly embarasses her...
It's hard to review wacky comedy; things like "Plot" and "character development" largely go out the window, and, aside from stuff like music, animation and artwork, the only thing that matters was whether or not it was funny. Perhaps another hard to define quality of shows like this would be whether or not the cast and the series as a whole have a certain "charm" to them--i.e, likeable characters behaving in a silly manner. Perhaps an advantage of "wackiness" is that you can suspend disbelief about things like talking rabbits, magical girls and cat-gods. Well, I had to say something here, or else the "Most Reviewed" list would overlap one of the images below!

Back at school, Behoimi seems to recognize Media--"What's she doing here?"

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