PaniPoni Dash! - 6: Poking A Bush Only Lures Snakes

Title:PaniPoni Dash!
Episode:6: Poking A Bush Only Lures Snakes
Becky has been granted permission to convert a vacant room into the "Miyamoto Research Lab". She feels she needs a "hideout", because "this school has too many distractions for me to think peacefully". The first room turns out to be occupied after all, but another one is assigned--in the dark, creepy "old building". The girls who had volunteered to help clean it up hope Ichijou will ward off any ghosts which might be present. Meanwhile, in P.E. class, Mesousa substitutes for Shiratori, who has a series of arguments with Otome. After a week Becky's new lab is ready, except somehow word has gotten around that she will serve there as a counselor for students with problems...
One crazy show--what else can I say? You may need to be a true otaku to enjoy all the bizarre cultural references, but I think that even if the notes had been deleted, this would be the sort of show that you would be laughing at even if you didn't completely "get" the jokes. Hell, even if there were no subtitles at all, and you didn't speak Japanese, the weird things that happen would be amusing. By the way, the animation of the ED sequence changes with every episode; it follows a general theme, but the details are altered, which is a nice touch.

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