PaniPoni Dash! - 5: Anything That Is Useful Will Become Your Treasure

Title:PaniPoni Dash!
Episode:5: Anything That Is Useful Will Become Your Treasure
ADV Title: It Is A Treasure If It Is Fulfilling

The classes of the Momotsuki Academy have gone on "camping class" in a forest, with varying degrees of enthusiasm among the teachers. Becky is enjoying the excellent weather (which Ichijou attempts to modify). Kurumi was given the job of dividing the class into four-person tent "teams", but forgot to include herself within any of them. Becky assembles an ad hoc team consisting of Kurumi, herself, and Mesousa, and Ichijou provides "Ousanshouuo" to fill the empty position. Inugami-sensei goes fishing and makes an unusual catch. And Miyako swears that while gathering firewood she stumbled upon some rather high technology in the middle of the wilderness...
Inugami-sensei's catch will make more sense if you've already watched School Rumble. Mesousa (the rabbit) is described as "A guy who can't even hold a knife" so I guess he's male. This show is just so wacky, and so culturally sophisticated, that it takes a good deal more mental effort to "get" the jokes than usual, and it can become mentally exhausting. On the other hand, watching it a second time makes it all a lot easier to understand and enjoy. Don't mess with Ichijou, a girl who has the power to affect weather itself!

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