PaniPoni Dash! - 26: The Future Is Unknown

Title:PaniPoni Dash!
Episode:26: The Future Is Unknown
The air conditioning at the Peach Moon Institution has broken down amid a heatwave. Himeko is delerious while Miyako insists that class must go on. Himeko recovers and borrows some more appropriate warm-weather clothing, while Media and Behoimi swap outfits. Jijii-sensei demonstrates some magic for his fellow teachers. The members of the Information Club are startled by "Trump Gal". Becky is asked for advice, first by Otome (who doesn't even belong to her class), and then by Miyako, who seems to have suddenly lost interest in her education. Becky and the girls hear a loud bang and a deafening rumble--their prayers have been answered! Meanwhile, the aliens recieve a disturbing message from their home planet. Mesousa and Ichijou enjoy a water slide. Nanjou and Akira attempt to aid a drunken Igarashi-sensei. The twins Yuuna and Yuuma try to play a prank on a sleeping Momose; then "Robokko" comes along. The "Shiratori Puppet Troupe" makes a performance, as does Jijii-sensei. Himeko proposes that she and her friends employ "psychic abilities". Then things get weird...
This final episode opens with a grim message from the Peach Moon Principal: "Things have come to an end. Thinking back, it has been an important lesson in life". Then, having gotten that out of the way, the show does what it does best as we move on to a sort of nonsensical farewell party for the cast. Not exactly what I was expecting from the final episode (we got that, more-or-less, last time, after all) but I'm not complaining. Basically, pretty much everybody gets their moment in the sun (though Himeko seems to get the lion's share of the appearances). Let's not get too sentimental, PPD was whacked-out comedy through-and-through; but how will I survive without any new episodes? I suppose the sun will rise again tommorrow...

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