PaniPoni Dash! - 25: A Critical Fall

Title:PaniPoni Dash!
Episode:25: A Critical Fall
"An inevitable crisis is approaching Peach Moon Institution", the narrator explains, as "a prelude to the danger that earth (as a whole) is going to face". The girls of Class 1-C find themselves in increasingly precarious and unlikely situations. A gigantic comet is hurtling towards the planet, and Ousanshuo summons them to serve as the crew of a new super robot, the "PaniPoni X Turbo R" to deal with it. Becky and the girls are unenthusiastic, and Ousanshuo is forced to resort to bribery. The TV shows a wide variety of freakish events worldwide. "The chance of survival of the subjects we are observing is low" the aliens record in their log. They cannot find any explanation for the comet in their records, but the captain seems to know something. Becky and the girls blast off in their spaceship/robot, but there's an impostor among them...
The plot of the series (such as it is) gets back on track after the abberation of the last episode. Why does it make me laugh when crazy things happen for no apparent reason? A number of jokes in this episode are based on gags in previous ones. As this episode neared it's end, I got a bad feeling that this was feeling like it might well be the final episode, whereas I had assumed there would be 26 (a number of series recently have cut off at 12 instead of 13, or 24 instead of 26 episodes). There was nothing to worry about--one big gag at the end made sense of everything (and was again a reference to a previous episode). The idea occured to me to go through the seperate "detailed notes" file, and find explanations for the images I selected here, and although there weren't as many as I'd expected, the ones I did find do a better job of making sense of the scenes than I ever could:

Top row, left: Himeko's scene is a reference to Clarisse in the movie, Lupin III The Castle of Cagliostro. Right: Becky and the girls debate whether or not they should accept the mission Ousanshuo has assigned them.

Second row, left: I couldn't find an explanation for who the masked man holding Ousanshuo is. Right: As they try to explain just what is going on, Media is acting as the neutron star, Behoimi is acting as the creatures living in space and Otome is acting as Earth.

Third row, left: Mesousa has become strangely discolored. Right: "Great Angel Michael", a messenger from the comet, appears.

Fourth row, left: Ichijou's sequence is a reference to Goodbye Space Battleship Yamato. Right: The eyecatch has Rei dressed like KOS-MOS from Xenosaga.

Fifth row, left: This is a reference to the fact that the Alien Captain and Captain Picard's VA for the Japanese dubbing of Star Trek: The Next Generation are done by Mugihito. Right: Ichijou is sent to try to communicate with the entity within the comet (bad move)...

Sixth row, left: Pani Poni X Turbo R is a reference to the MSX turbo R (a car, I'm guessing...). Right: The girls have gone Chibi as they make contact with the entity.

Seventh row, left: The entity attempts to distract the girls by granting them each a wish. Right: It's just like this show to end on an absurd note like this--that's why I love it. :)

Thanks to the compilers of the "PPD Wiki"!

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