PaniPoni Dash! - 24: A Dead Corpse That Has No One Collecting It

Title:PaniPoni Dash!
Episode:24: A Dead Corpse That Has No One Collecting It
In Edo (present-day Tokyo), it is spring of the third year of the Peach Moon Era. The city is in a state of unrest as a result of child genius Miyamoto Bekiemon being appointed Kanjou Bugyou (a magistrate in charge of financial affairs) by the Shogunate. Bekiemon has levied the outrageous "HauHau Tax" on crying for any reason. Reading sad stories, eating spicy foods, consuming liquor--anything that might draw a tear is dangerous, and there have been allegations that Bekiemon has been taking certain liberties with the money that is collected. "Supporters of Justice" are rumored to be gathering in the city to put an end to the hated tax. The people pray for the assistance of "the ones who pass judgement from the darkness: Pani Ponin"...
Needless to say, the usual cast (in whole) has been transplanted back to feudal Japan for an in-depth parody of legends, movies, TV shows and manga based in that time period. "HauHau" is the charachteristic sound Becky makes when reduced to sobbing by her disrespectful students, especially when they treat her as a child rather than as their teacher. Knowing as little as I do about the genres that were being parodied here, I just sat back and enjoyed the silliness of this strange episode. Surely the funniest part came when the conspirators infiltrated Bekiemon's palace.

Top row, left: Himeko (now a "fishmonger") and Hibiki (who hasn't lost her love of strange costumes) witness an outrage perpetrated upon a crying person. Right: The arrogant but brilliant Miyamoto Bekiemon.

Second row, left: Ichijou doesn't turn out to be a particularly outstanding Shamisen player. Right: Suzune and Otome arrive in town, smuggling something illegal.

Third row, left: The chivalrous thief Nezumi Kozou in action. Right: Miyako accepts a dangerous task for a mere 50 Yen.

Fourth row, left: Zoola and Yankee demand payment of the HauHau Tax from Neko-Kami. Right: The conspirators gather to make plans. Ichijou's sister is at lower right.

Fifth row, left: Rei employs her secret weapon against Bekiemon. Right: Hotspring! 'nuff said.

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