PaniPoni Dash! - 23: Misfortunes Never Come One By One

Title:PaniPoni Dash!
Episode:23: Misfortunes Never Come One By One
The aliens recieve an important transmission from their home planet. It's been unusually cold lately, and both Becky and Kurumi aren't feeling well; Kurumi asks genius Becky to come up with a way of staying warm. Kurumi, Rokugo and Miyako are thinking about visiting a hotspring. Himeko objects to Rei's choice of warm clothing. Becky is harrassed by Shiratori and Serizawa, who have organized an ad hoc puppet show in the hallway. As a result, Becky is late for her next class and the students wonder why. Watanuki worries that the Intelligence Club may not be recognized as an official school club. Inugami has a little accident involving Nanjo's hair, and Himeko has an accident involving Miyako's highly reflective forehead. Afterwards, she muses about the pasta cooking techniques of long extinct civilizations. Mesousa warns the girls that Becky is in trouble. She has in fact had an inexplicable run of bad luck. Unfortunate things start happening to everyone--except Himeko. "Indeed", the aliens comment, "people have yet to realize that the greatest danger in history is slowly approaching earth..."
This episode seemed like total nonsense the first time I watched it, which is odd since the aliens mention that PPD has only four episodes to go ("breaking down the fourth wall" is commonplace in this show).

Top row left: Miyako's mirror-like forehead has been a running gag from the start, and here it is taken to a new level of absurdity. Right: "Zoola" is a woman? You learn something everyday...

Second row left: Ichijou has a way of turning up where you least expect her. Right: One of Himeko's daydreams about the stylish but warm clothing which Rei might choose.

Third row left: Becky and the puppets. Right: drawing a character with a transparent face? I think this is Watanuki.

Fourth row left: Nanjo's hair has been another running gag, though not to the same extent as Miyako's forehead. Right: I saved something like 53 images, and knew right from the start that this one would be included in the montage. Don't ya love it?

Fifth row left: Himeko rambles on about the "Ana Pasta Civilization" an Atlantis-like culture that exists in her mind. Right: The usual group shot, to make sure each of the six principal schoolgirls gets shown at least once. Their wild expressions keep it from being boring. Notice that Ichijou never gets excited about anything.

Sixth row left: One of Becky's misfortunes. Right: The girls undergo a change of clothing, to deal with the menace that the aliens mentioned.

Bottom: The eyecatches from this episode involved different characters playing various musical instruments, but there were too many to include here. Downsizing this image any more would have made it difficult to recognize the players.

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