PaniPoni Dash! - 20: A Wise Man Will Know When To Approach Danger

Title:PaniPoni Dash!
Episode:20: A Wise Man Will Know When To Approach Danger
At Peach Moon Academy, "The long awaited fight that transcends time is about to continue between the Drama Club and the Movie Club". Drama Club member Serizawa, wearing her robot costume, encounters Movie Club member Kurusu, dressed as a monster. Their feud is interupted by Himeko, who happens to have a mushroom attached to the top of her head. Himeko is entranced by a smell that Rei's clothing gives off; Rei is not amused. After a little run-in with a million volts of electricity, Himeko is examined by Becky, who can't help noticing the mushroom atop her head. Himeko comes to, and suddenly makes a most uncharacteristic declaration that she hates and fears children--i.e., Becky, whose feelings are hurt. Himeko's classmates are worried, and so are the aliens. Miyako performs a little experiment, and declares "She's not the usual Himeko, she seems like a stranger!"...
During the climax of this episode, I could only exclaim "This is so crazy! What's a person to make of lines like this, spoken by Rei with a completely straight face:

"Now that I think about it, it's possible that the mushroom came from space"

And, as I compare my first impressions to the detailed notes, I realize that tremendous numbers of little "in-jokes" were going by me without even being noticed--yet I was having a ball. I swear, as I repeatedly paused the show to save images, I noticed all sorts of priceless illustrations and lines of dialogue that normally go by so quickly that I also remain unaware of them. I suspect I'm only scratching the surface of a show that is funny on numerous levels. This episode also sports an all new OP sequence, which would be the third (or maybe fourth, counting the Behoimi episode?) of it's kind.

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