PaniPoni Dash! - 19: Art Causes Harm To The Body

Title:PaniPoni Dash!
Episode:19: Art Causes Harm To The Body
Becky has caught the flu and is teased by her students about her childish fear of bitter-tasting medicines and getting shots. However, what is going around is no ordinary flu, but rather an "unknown virus" with symptoms that include a curious mark on its victims foreheads. The girls from Becky's class are hustled off to a quarantine center. The "Peach Moon Flu" seems to have spread to Class D as well as Jijii-sensei collapses. Media urges Behoimi to employ her magical healing powers, without much success. Becky is informed of a link between the virus and abnormal levels of endorphins, which would make the students in Class D, with their "interesting behaviors and strong emotions" vulnerable. Time is of the essence; "We need to discover the root cause" Becky declares, "and a way of dealing with it"...
I printed out the accompanying notes (which can be downloaded in a seperate file) for this episode of PaniPoni Dash. The notes extended to no less than 25 pages for a 23-odd minute show (and seriously depleted the ink supply in my printer!). The first page covered only the first six seconds of the episode! Talk about a "labor of love"...

I don't exactly understand how the cure to the virus was found; that is, this episode didn't have as good a plotline, to tie together all the seemingly absurd jokes, as the last one did. Still, one advantage of exotic jokes which you don't completely "get" is that you can watch them again and again, and they remain funny.

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