PaniPoni Dash! - 16: Instead Of Becoming Weaker, It Is Better Not To Become Strong

Title:PaniPoni Dash!
Episode:16: Instead Of Becoming Weaker, It Is Better Not To Become Strong
Ichijou has taken a break from school, and is sitting alone, communicating via cellphone E-mails with someone called "The Immortal Bruce". Becky comments that Ichijou has been behaving strangely lately--that is, her current strange behavior is somehow different from her usual strange behavior. Becky has asked the Intelligence Club to check into the matter. Club members 002 and 003 trailed Ichijou, and saw her shedding a tear at the window of a wedding dress shop. Rei theorizes that maybe Ichijou has fallen in love with someone she can never be together with--that is, a "forbidden love". Cellphone contact with members 002 and 003 is abruptly cut off amid terrified screams. Meanwhile, Mesousa resolves to visit the "Bravery Club" in hopes of gaining some courage. Becky and the girls race to the site and find 002 and 003 sobbing. Becky spots Ichijou, and they take off in pursuit--except for Miyako, who doesn't want to go "chibi" like the others...
I'm beginning to doubt that it's even possible for me to write comments that would make any sense to someone who hasn't seen this crazy, crazy episode for themselves. You have to see it to believe it. Parodies of video games and the Men In Black movies play a major part--perhaps that's why this episode somehow seems to be taking place in New York City. Not only does this show have two different OP songs, but there are different versions of the primary one, sung by at least two different artists. So much care was put into making this show--the crew must have really been proud of what they were doing, and I am grateful.

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