PaniPoni Dash! - 15: Unyielding Perseverance

Title:PaniPoni Dash!
Episode:15: Unyielding Perseverance
Himeko is even more hyped than usual on the day of a school excursion. However, the bus carrying Class C somehow winds up precariously balanced at the edge of a cliff. Everyone can only remain where they are, and pray for help. "As long as nothing heavy moves about suddenly" Becky predicts, "we should be okay". Becky is the voice of reason until she needs a kleenex. Since Becky is in such a pinch, the aliens are tempted to intervene, even though "close encounters" are forbidden. They deduce that the trouble started when a man with a gun tried to hijack the bus. Video games are used to help explain how the situation wound up the way it is. Neither "Robot Rabbit" nor "The Cooking Ingredients Troopers" can offer much help. The bus catches fire--or maybe not. When the other classes notice that Class C is missing, the Intelligence Club interprets this as evidence of a conspiracy. A crab attacks the bus. Ichijou's little sister helps out--sort of...
As you might have guessed from the synopsis, this is one crazy, crazy episode. At times it seems as if the makers of this show are actually trying to make it look like they did a shoddy job of throwing this episode together, which would be foolish if it wasn't actually so funny. Especially funny was the video game "Mesousa, Fight!"--because Mesousa can't even hold a weapon, due to his lack of thumbs. Nevertheless, the lack of anything more than the most tenuous plotline leaves my mind in a blurr afterwards. I originally watched this episode a couple months ago, and now find I'd forgotten virtually every joke in the meantime; weird, mixed-up comedy like this is a blast, but doesn't remain in my memory for long. In fact, just before I rewatched this episode the thought occured to me "didn't I see an episode of some show in which a bus is hanging at the edge of a cliff? What was it--School Rumble, maybe?"

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