PaniPoni Dash! - 14: Hugging a Stone and Jumping Into an Abyss

Title:PaniPoni Dash!
Episode:14: Hugging a Stone and Jumping Into an Abyss
The Principal is out of town, and the cafeteria staff take the opportunity to take a break as well. Becky finds herself without a source for her lunches. Her elder sister makes her a bento (boxed lunch) with a BLT sandwich, but she clearly doesn't understand what the three letters stand for. Becky and the students are amazed at the delicious lunch Rei casually threw together in the home economics room, but Rei refuses to provide Becky with her meals. Kurumi's brother Momose provides her with excellent lunches, so Becky tracks him down and orders him to make bentos for her as well--and he cheerfully agrees. Momose asks to be allowed to use the school kitchen, and Becky agrees. The next day, Hibiki of the Intelligence Club has heard that "Class C is making some weird food", and, backed up by members 002 and 003, she initiates an investigation...
This one just might be my favorite episode of the entire series. It was just so absurdly hilarious--crazy things come out of the blue, yet somehow it works, and I laugh. The BGM, which at times sounded like something that would come out of an organ at a circus, helps set the silly mood. The episode was truly shining when the Tanuki--an animal which is supposedly capable of magical transformations--got involved. And then there was the explanation that was offered up as to why someone would want to eat one of them--godawful hilarious! The episode went from a rational problem (food) to sheer absurdity then back again--it worked like a charm. Also fun was the ED sequence, which portrayed the characters on a deck of playing cards--clearly a lot of effort is put into varying the OP and ED sequences of this show, which is refreshing.


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