PaniPoni Dash! - 13: The Reward For Wrongdoing Is The Tip Of A Needle

Title:PaniPoni Dash!
Episode:13: The Reward For Wrongdoing Is The Tip Of A Needle
Somehow the "All-Japan Banchou League", a frightening army of freakish gang members, has gotten the idea that Becky is a rogue gang leader who threatens it's power. They come to the Peach Moon academy looking for "The chibikko banchou who's been causing a commotion around here lately". Ichigou explains to them that they are mistaken, since Becky is in fact a teacher, and they are about to leave, except Ichigou can't seem to leave well enough alone. Rei and Miyako come up with an idea to trick "these simple-minded people" by sending a "Goodwill Ambassador" to seduce Hirosuke (the red bull). The idea isn't particularly successful, and Hirosuke and a ninja girl storm the school. Becky and the girls manage to elude them, and go to the School Council Intelligence Club in search of ways to deal with their bizarre opponents...
The best way to summarize this episode is with a line one of the characters says near the end: "Forget about what happened yesterday. It was totally beyond reality". This episode is a prime example of the sort of anime which you find yourself laughing at, but you don't really know why, because you don't have the damndest idea what's going on. Why are a giant, a red bull and a ninja girl working together? Something must have been done right, because I was laughing, even though I clearly don't know nearly enough about juvenile delinquent and mecha themes in anime. On the other hand, this was the second time I'd watched this episode, yet I remembered virtually nothing from the first time (which was only a couple of months ago), which suggests how long weird humor like this remains in my memory. One other thing--the OP song was definitely being performed by a different singer than usual.

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