PaniPoni Dash! - 12: As People Flow Downwards, So Do Their Hearts

Title:PaniPoni Dash!
Episode:12: As People Flow Downwards, So Do Their Hearts
Akira has fallen asleep in the class of Jijii-sensei, and he subtly torments her as she dreams. Becky is teaching in a lazy manner, and as she lectures Himeko for not paying attention, the topic of discussion turns to realizing one's dreams. Rokugou asks Becky if she has any dreams herself, and Becky realizes she doesn't. "A youth that doesn't have any dreams because she cannot realize her dreams", Rei observes, "and a genius that doesn't have any dreams because she can realize her dreams. That's so ironic". Meanwhile, the alien captain is demonstrating his latest toy, a mindreading device. He tries to use it on Becky, but Himeko gets zapped by mistake. The result is that Becky and the other girls find themselves transported to a dream world that exists within Himeko's mind...
I read that Mugihito, the VA who plays the alien captain, also played Captain Piccard in the Japanese dub of Star Trek: The Next Generation. Imagine if an English dub of PaniPoni Dash was released with Patrick Stewart playing the same role!

Notice the generic male and female students who fill the otherwise empty seats while for the most part the stories involve only Becky and the six main character girls (plus Mesousa). Then again, it gets confusing when girls from the other classes play a part--such as Akira in this case. Lots of characters to keep track of! I still haven't memorized them all.

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