PaniPoni Dash! - 11: Inscrutable Are The Ways Of Heaven

Title:PaniPoni Dash!
Episode:11: Inscrutable Are The Ways Of Heaven
After school Ichijou demonstrates her badminton technique in "Pani Poni Wide Live" format. Becky finds that Rokugou has been doing favors for the other girls, and suspects they are taking advantage of her kindness. Rokugou has been meeting someone with a fancy green sportscar at the riverbank--Media saw her drive by one day, but didn't get a good look at the mysterious stranger. When the car turns up parked at school, Media suggests that the driver was her boyfriend, which embarasses her. Becky isn't interested until Rei mentions her theory of who the driver may have been. The aliens are watching and have done some research on Rokugou's family (and the origin of her nickname). Rei goes to the intelligence club for some info on the suspected boyfriend. Becky asks to be taken for a ride in the car, but has second thoughts when she sees the outfit the driver wears. Meanwhile, the girls finally learn the identity of the cars owner--"Omega unexpected!"...
Don't miss the bit after the credits in which a little-known spirit grants Ichigou a wish. Though I have a ball watching PaniPoni Dash, I kind of wonder how long it will remain in my memory once it's through, since there seems to be little ongoing plot. Azumanga Daioh at least progressed through the characters three-year term in high school, with summer breaks, cultural festivals, and athletic competitions; I wonder if the characters of this show will graduate at the end. If this were a dramatic series, I'd have questions and theories about where the plot will go from here, but since this is pure comedy and completely unpredictable, they would be pointless here.

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