PaniPoni Dash! - 10: Even A Purebred Has Its Habits

Title:PaniPoni Dash!
Episode:10: Even A Purebred Has Its Habits
Summer break is over, and the altered Mesousa from Okinodobu island is helping Becky run her class, but she doesn't particularly appreciate the assistance. It's time for the students to submit their "elective study" projects from over the summer. Behoimi tells Jijii-sensei that Media (who has transferred to the school) isn't feeling well and volunteers to take her to the infirmary. In fact, they already know each other from some shady past, and Behoimi demands to know what Media is doing at Peach Moon Academy. Media claims she's only there to look after Becky, according to the professors instructions. "I'll expose your identity when the time comes, so beware" Behoimi replies. They notice a suspicious ticking box, left in plain view, then more of the same. The two race to disarm a series of bombs while the other students unveil their increasingly bizarre summer homework projects...
There's an all new OP sequence, to emphasize the "secret agent" element of this episode (a fun little song, too). Being comedy for comedy's sake, little effort is expended on answering questions like who planted the bombs, who were they out to get, and why. Maybe that's why the details of individual episodes tend not to remain in my memory for long (or maybe watching too much anime is melting my brain!). But, this way I can enjoy them almost as much the second time around as the first, and I really do need to watch them twice to get a lot of the jokes.

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