PaniPoni Dash! - 1: No Linings in Winter, Cotton Linings in Summer

Title:PaniPoni Dash!
Episode:1: No Linings in Winter, Cotton Linings in Summer
ADV Title: Summerwear in the Coldest Season, Winterwear in the Hottest

11 year old child genius Rebecca Miyamoto, daughter of an American father and a Japanese mother, has come to Japan to work as a high school teacher. However, on her first day at work, she oversleeps and has a hard time finding the Momotsuki Academy. Once there, she has difficulty getting the girls of class 1-C to regard her as anything more than a cute child--they decide she needs a nickname...
Apparently the movie Planet of the Apes is familiar in Japan. While observing Rebecca, the alien Captain makes the curious remark that "The fate of earth has fallen into your hands"--I've already watched each episode at least twice, and still have little idea whether he was serious or not. I've recently begun rewatching PPD yet again, this time as my late night "meal show" which I view while eating dinner. Normally a subtitled show wouldn't work well here, but PPD is so off the wall that it's fun even if I don't have time to read every line. I was frankly surprised how much I enjoyed this episode, even though I've seen it numerous times already. Anyway, I hear that the makers of the anime version of PaniPoni Dash do a lot of work with RPGs, which would explain the intro frames provided for the principal characters:

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