PaniPoni Dash! - 0: PPD Cast List

Title:PaniPoni Dash!
Episode:0: PPD Cast List

ADV has just created a series of pages at it's website devoted to the upcoming PPD release. One thing which disturbs me is an implication that in the dubbed version, the countless Japanese pop culture references will be deleted and replaced by western ones (there was a reference to a line from The Terminator, for example). This seems like a travesty to me, but of course I'm something of a purist, who likes anime in part because it allows me to "get away" from western culture for awhile. The cast list was posted; there seems to be several ADV regulars, plus a number of names I don't recognize, which might instil a measure of "freshness" in the dub. Is it a typo, or is Ryoko Shintani appearing in both versions? I read recently that a Japanese VA from Macross (who spoke fluent English) appeared in the dub version as well, so it could happen. No listing of the Alien Captain--maybe it could still be Patrick Stewart!

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