Angel Heart - 9: Xiang Ying--Her Lost Name

Title:Angel Heart
Episode:9: Xiang Ying--Her Lost Name
Zhao is infuriated by the trap which killed all but nine of his men. He blames City Hunter and intends to take his rage out on the local population. To keep them occupied, Ryou's people engage in a spirited firefight with the remaining men of the Qinglong Corps. Meanwhile, Doc treats Xin Hong. During training for the Zhuque/Suzaku Unit, his friendship with Angel Heart was noticed and they were paired for the fight-to-the-death final exam--As one superior puts it, "You can't be a world-class killer and still keep your soul". Despite having his throat slashed by Glass Heart, Xin Hong miraculously survived and was transferred to the Qinglong Corps. But he bore her no ill will, and vowed he would find "27" (Glass Heart) someday. He wakes up, and Glass Heart explains how Ryou crept up on him and knocked him out before he could blow up both himself and the rest of the Qinglong Corps. "Don't talk about dying again" she begs him. Mochiyama walks in with Doc and Tomo, and Xin Hong snatches a pistol and threatens to shoot him. Xin Hong believes Mochiyama is a Qinglong spy--because he was present when he shot Master Li's double!
Yes, it was definitely the double who got shot. Xin Hong is described as "The one who shot Master Li's brother" and "This kid shot Li's body double?!". He was acting under orders from Zhao, who hopes to usurp control of the Syndicate. I guess he felt he had to do it so as not to give away his intention to defect to Glass Heart's side when he got the chance. As we now know, if he really had nailed the real Master Li, he would have killed Glass Heart's father! So a mystery which has lasted several episodes is solved.

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